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Radon Testing Systems must be given access to the test property via the homeowner, combo lock box, ebox, or key. The technician will again need access upon retrieval of the test and will not disclose results until payment is successfully processed.

RTS typically conducts short-term tests, usually 2-5 days in length. It is important to maintain closed-house conditions for at least 12 hours before the placement of the test and during the entire test period.  Closed-house conditions entail keeping all windows closed, keeping exterior doors closed except for normal entry and exit, and not operating fans or other machines which bring in air from outside.  Our testing is completely harmless to humans and pets.  Please visit our FAQ page for more information on closed-house conditions or any other concerns, and feel free to contact us anytime. 

We take pride in providing convenient and speedy service and do our best to meet all of our customer's needs and deadlines. We know things come up, however, and if a home is inaccessible upon arrival (for test placement OR test pickup), a fee may be charged.  


Please Call  215-968-1933


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