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It was over 36 years ago when my wife and I attempted to buy a new home in Yardley, PA. We woke one Sunday morning to read the local newspaper to find out that our new development had very high levels of radon, exceeding 800.0 pCi/L. Because 4.0 pCi/L or higher is considered unacceptable, we were worried.  At that time, as parents of two very small children, and very little knowledge of radon, we immediately withdrew our deposit on our new home and walked away. I spent the next 30 days reading and learning about radon and then decided to form a new company:  Radon Testing Systems. Since then, my wife and I have learned that radon can easily be evaluated and reduced to acceptable levels, all at a reasonable price using professional testers and mitigation companies.

Radon Testing Systems currently has seven Pa. DEP certified technicians, including our secretary who has 32 years experience, on staff to handle all of your radon needs.  We have tested many retirement communities, school districts, colleges, day care centers, and thousands of homes. To ensure honest and reliable results, RTS has limited our services to a test only company.  We do NOT install mitigation systems; therefore, we ensure there is no dishonesty or conflict of interest. 

We can begin your test within 24 hours of your phone call in most cases, and after the test interval, can provide results within minutes. We can also recommend home inspectors, radon mitigation companies, water testing, mold inspection, and lead base paint testing companies to aid in the purchase of your new home.

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and answer any questions you may have... even if RTS did not complete your radon test!  Feel free to call, text, or email anytime!

-Tom d'Arcy

Call: 215-968-1933

Text: 215-470-1933


For the safety of everyone involved, our entire staff is fully vaccinated.

For the safety of everyone involved, our entire staff is fully vaccinated.

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