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If your results give a reading of 4pCi/L or higher, a mitigation system is recommended. To assure honest results and avoid any conflict of interest, RTS is a TEST ONLY firm, and does not install mitigation systems.  We highly recommend the following mitigation companies to help with your mitigation needs: 

 1. Accurate Radon Control Inc.


 Green Lane, PA


 2. SWAT Enviromental


 215-238-0593 - Philadelphia, PA

33Safe Shelter


 Exton, PA

 4. Air Quality Control


 King of Prussia, PA

After the mitigation system has been installed, it is important to have a most mitigation clearance test conducted. This is to confirm that the new system has effectively reduced the amount of radon and to activate the warranty program. Radon Testing Systems will inspect the mitigation system to confirm that it complies with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulations. This "post mitigation clearance test" should ALWAYS be conducted by an independent third-party company.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 215-968-1933. You may also click here for the Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction.




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